The New Jelly Nails Trend Is Another Tribute to the 90s

The New Jelly Nails Trend Is Another Tribute to the 90s

No one can deny it—we love the 90s. If it wasn’t for our youth back then, we’re longing for the great hip hop music, colorful sunglasses, the abundance of jeans in all forms of clothing, and the scrunchies—trends that we all have enjoyed while they lasted. But thankfully, we need not to miss many of these trends anymore. The resurrection of some of the best (and even worst) 90s trends have come back to give us that nostalgic feels one more time, and we’re down for it 100%.

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Fashion may often have the upperhand in the throwback department, but the beauty world isn’t that far behind. The grunge makeup, dark matte lips (yes, plum!), double buns and glitter & gunmetal are some of the 90s beauty trends that have resurfaced this year, and we can’t be more excited for more. So when the Jelly Nails Trend went viral during the Summer, we just knew that it was another a proper nod to our favorite decade.

Vibrant Origins

The vibrant and semi-transparent nail trend takes the name of the Jelly Shoes we all know to be famous during the 90s. The overall look of the juicy shades of jelly nails brings us back to gradeschool, wearing our favorite jelly shoes with glitters in them. From bright yellow and pink to orange, green or blue, the trend is undoubtedly inspired by the 90s.

Jelly Nails

But how did it start?

There isn’t a conclusive answer to this question, especially as no documented official lunching of the trend is available event at this day and age. One nail expert from Vogue claims to have seen it in Unistella and during the SS 2014 make up launch of Dior. Another suggests the idea stemming from the transparent Lucia Pica Le Vernis Nail Gloss in red, which has a jelly-like finish. But whichever is the true beginning of the trend, one thing is for sure—the Jelly Nails Trend has been around for years (there are Nail professionals’ instagram pages to prove this).

Current Summer Trend Fame

But its current fame has taken the Instagram world by storm because of a photo that Kylie Jenner posted which included a hand showing the Jelly Nails. Right after that post, the #jellynails hashtag trended and thus began a whole explosive Instgram trend, with thousands of people sharing in the website their own Jelly Nails Look.

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A Tribute to the 90s

With the trend blowing up on Instagram, a lot of nostalgic memories come flashing back upon the sight of the nails. The nails actually look like the jelly shoes of the 90s, accentuated by the basic jelly colors and oftentimes added with generous amounts of glitter. They even remind people of the see-through blow-up couches, which were also very popular back in the 1990s, which carries the same amount of fun in them—only the nail thing is a trend that can be carried anywhere.

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The cute look of the Jelly Nail trend has captured many hearts—both 90s kids and other fans alike. While you may not really love the jelly shoe trend, the cuteness and vibrancy of the Jelly Nails will surely make you think twice.

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