Joyful Cat Welcomes Seven Adorable Kittens in a Safe Haven –

Jennifer Kubba acquired a small orange kitten named Cheese, who set out on a quest to win everyone’s heart the instant she arrived in her new home. But there was one member in particular who drew Cheese’s whole attention: Hank, a lovely kitty that Jennifer had rescued when she was a kid.

Cheese had fallen in love with Hank and had been chasing her around the house ever since he met her.

The curious cat wanted to learn everything she could about Hank, so she kept a close eye on everything he did.

Kitten discovers the ideal family

Hank seemed uneasy about the small girl, so she replied with a few mild touches, but Cheese remained undeterred.

The small girl stayed near her new friend and began clowning about in an attempt to gain her undivided attention.

Hank was increasingly interested in meeting the cat and attempted to interpret her behavior by sniffing her more intently.

Cheese jumped boldly up to Hank’s throne (his favorite place in the cat tree) one day, just as Hank was about to take a nap. He followed her to the windows and sat with her on the ledge. Little Cheese was adamant on imitating whatever Hank did.

Since she had essentially become Hank’s permanent shadow, the cat began to learn from his regular actions.

Jennifer explained: She’s always meowing and running. He’s constantly making fun of his two feline sisters (Hank and Poppy).

Hank concluded that Cheese’s company wasn’t so awful after a few friendly hits and a lot of sniffing, and he began to love it.

He’s taken the kitten under his wing since then, showing her around, teaching her how to play with ropes, and even sharing his throne with her. Cheese spotted Hank lying on his humans’ bed one day and decided to follow in his footsteps without hesitation.

Cheese recently approached Hank and crouched down next to him to embrace her; normally, Hank would stand up and go, but this time he waited by her side.

Jennifer stated: I couldn’t believe what I was seeing… That was a lovely moment, a pleasant surprise, and the nicest part of the weekend.” Cheese is a very sticky kitty that like to travel on her human’s shoulder; she enjoys shoulder rides. He also enjoys playing with Aspen, a Husky dog that is a family member and with whom he is continuously huddled and demands his attention.

Cheese did not please another resident cat, Poppy, so she took matters into her own hands and opted to nap next to him. Poppy has caved in to Cheese’s charming idiosyncrasies and is sharing her bed with her. Cheese and Hank have evolved into real mischief-makers, inventing a variety of games and tragedies in their home.

They like watching their little brother Aspen play out the window, as if they were having a secret discussion.

Cheese’s major objective since returning home for good was undeniably to earn the affections of his entire family.

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