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It’s not every day we come across a chubby, fluffy ball of fur that’s also a cat. Because they are huge, puffy, and adorable, chubby cats are usually a favorite. So when we first discovered this cute kitty, we fell in love with him right away and couldn’t stop looking at or sharing his pictures. We’re obsessed!

Introduce yourself to Fen Fen. He is a cat from the breed known as Exotic Shorthair, which while having shorter, denser hair, has a Persian-like physique and facial form, but with obviously easier fur coats to maintain. Fen Fen is famous for his full and plump cheeks, and is known to be capturing the Internet’s heart! The Pink Pig Cattery in Shanghai is where we eventually discovered he resides after doing some research.

His face appears to have been shaved to have the fullest cheeks. However, regardless of what went on with his cheeks, we’d like to think its magic and no one can dispute his majesty and fluffy factor. Of course, all of us were smitten with him and kept looking at his adorable photos. Although we never would have thought of it, we sort of enjoy the concept of shaving a cat’s face to resemble an excessively plump squirrel!

We adore the way a huge, plump cat looks. They are incredibly huggable. However, we are also aware that a cat with obesity is unhealthy, and in the end, health comes before the cuddle factor. Despite the fact that Fen Fen’s plump frame makes him charming, in reality, feline obesity can cause cats a number of illnesses like diabetes, skin problems, or even arthritis and joint discomfort. We sincerely hope that his owner will always take good care of him to keep him happy and healthy.

On a lighter note, the calm elegance of a Persian is said to be found in exotic shorthairs as well, but they enjoy playing with their owners more! In that case, don’t you wish you could squeeze his chubby cheeks? We sure as heck do!

Image Credit & More Info; FenFen

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