Unique electric bike designs

The contest “designing electric car HKbike 2013″ after a month of taking place has received a lot of samples from Vietnamese designers.

But I want to design a good car design
The organizing board of the HKbike Electric Vehicle Design Contest has selected 30 excellent ideas and drawings out of hundreds of submissions. In the photo is a female-only electric car model with soft lines and eye-catching patterns of contestant Do Dinh Tuyen .
But quickly design a new car - 2

The car model for men is strong and sporty by contestant Do Dinh Tuyen . Mr. Dang Thai Ha, design expert of Hkbike said that in general, the ideas given by the contestants were quite good, but the practical factor, the feasibility in practical application was something that the judges assessed quite well. high next to the model, design.

But quickly set up the car - 3
Electric scooter in the form of a fashion scooter (Contestant Duong Minh Khanh) .
But quickly set up the car - 4
The car has many elements of fiction through its shape and color scheme (Contestant Le Khac Vu) .
But quickly set up the car - 5
Imprint of the lost bird motif on the Dong Son bronze drum (Candidate Le Quang Hoa) .
But quickly set up the car - 6
Elegant and sophisticated but no less luxurious with two tones of black and white (Contestant Nguyen Chu Hai Anh) .
But quickly set up a new car - 7
The direction of the classic car models (Contestant Nguyen Duc Minh) .
But quickly set up the car - 8
The electric bicycle has an unusual shape (Contestant Nguyen Huy Bien) .

But quickly set up a new car - 9
An eye-catching upgrade idea from the HKbike Zinger Extra model (Contestant Pham Quang Dong) .
But quickly set up the car - 10
This promises to be a strong and masculine model (Contestant Phan Dung Tin) .
But quickly set up a new car - 11
The electric car model has many elements and fashion lines in its design (Contestant Ton Nu Thao Lan Vien) .
But quickly set up a new car - 12
Stylish silver electric bicycle (Contestant Tran Vu Hoang) .
But quickly design a new car - 13
The idea of ​​​​”reversing” to have two stylish electric car products for men and women (Contestant Truong Manh Ha )
But quickly set up the car - 14
The folding electric bicycle has a real product (Contestant Vo Nguyen Ba Khai) .
But quickly set up a car with a cheap price - 15

The idea of ​​a sturdy electric car, with a simple background in design (Contestant Vo Tan Khoa). Through the competition, the electric bicycle company Hkbike hopes to find the most worthy design and author so that for the first time Vietnam owns an electric bike with bold identity and wisdom of the Vietnamese people. exported and applied simultaneously.

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