TOP 10 impressive bike models in 2023

 1. Sample “FUCI” – Robert Egger




The image belongs to Specialized



Designer Robert Egger, who is also the creative director of a traditional bicycle manufacturer, came up with the idea to design the fUCI bike. The name is a combination of the initials of Union Cycliste Internationale and the first letter of the letter “F ***”. Mr. Egger has always wanted to break UCI’s strict rules for traditional bicycles and change the boring way these two-wheelers have worked for decades.

Egger said: “UCI focuses on serving a very small group of customers, but there are many people out there who don’t care about UCI. They don’t follow the races and don’t even know about the limits placed on the UCI drivers’ cars. So I wanted to design a bike for anyone who really just wants to go fast on a bike.”


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2. Corridor Bicycle – David Roman





Image belongs to David Roman



During Design Week 2015 in the Netherlands at Eindhoven Design Academy Graduation, David Roman displayed the Corridor Bicycle. As the name suggests, the model is designed to fit in a hallway, which means one can often bring them into the house. Thanks to the compactness of the aluminum frame, the vehicle can be easily lifted and hung on the wall.




3. Model “Arvak” – Keim





Image belongs to Keim



This nature-inspired chariot is named after the horse that pulled the chariot for the sun god across the sky in Norse mythology. The Arvak chassis is made from 50 layers of ash wood and a bioplastic. The wood fibers have been optimized to bring out the best quality of the material. Three coats of paint protect the laminate from bad weather and dirt.




4. Viks Carbon – Velonia Bicycles





Image belongs to Velonia Bicycles



Velonia Bicycles, a workshop founded and run by Indrek Narusk, has announced the Viks Carbon, a much lighter version of the original Viks Steel Urban design. The carbon fiber frame can impress any customer who regularly pursues the latest technologies. It weighs a mere 4kg while the stainless steel version is 7kg. It is equipped with belt drive and Aerospoke wheels. Viks car has an abstract beauty with a chassis consisting of only two pipes attached to each other at the bottom of the handlebars.




5. Speedmax CF SLX  – Canyon






Image belongs to Canyon



To increase aerodynamic efficiency, Canyon has introduced a distinct system for computational aerodynamic analysis and air duct testing. Aiming to create the most efficient setting at 50km/h, the  Speedmax CF SLX  has been reshaped to enhance handling. By changing the steering angle, they improved the vehicle’s high-speed stability. Thanks to the spacious arrangement around the seat and handlebars, it is easy for the operator to find an effective seating position. From each frame tube to the shape of each element, every detail is carefully considered to achieve the highest aerodynamic efficiency. 




6. Give Flybike





The image belongs to Gi Flybike



Gi Flybike is an electric bike so you don’t have to exert as much effort as regular bikes. With just one charge, Gi Flybike can support more than 60km of stress-free cycling. One of the significant innovations of the Gi Flybike is that it folds completely within seconds, allowing users to easily move it up the stairs or carry it on the bus.

Gi Flybike is also very smart. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth so you can track your route, turn on the lights, remind you where you parked, and unlock the built-in lock.




7. B-9 NH Black edition – BME Design





The image belongs to BME Design



BME decided to go in the direction of minimalism when creating the B-9 NH Black edition by mimicking the F-117 nighthawk aircraft. This carbon-fiber chassis weighs 8.8kg and is built to withstand harsh urban environments.

The steering wheel made from a rare full carbon tube is a unique addition, accompanied by sharp angles and aerodynamic lines. BME exclusive “S72” saddle from carbon with a custom-installed latch. The car is painted in matte black to create a strong and personal feeling.




8. Solar electric bike – LEAOS





Image belongs to LEAOS



Integrated with a solar panel, the LEAOS Solar electric can efficiently generate enough energy for the vehicle to run 30km/day. The new version is built on the 2.0 model. While the old model can reach speeds of up to 45km/h but relies on a battery that operates on plug-in power, the new model can automatically regenerate energy by connecting to a conventional source.




9. Erembald – Eleven Twenty Seven





Image belongs to Eleven Twenty Seven



Realizing that the vast majority of bicycles are mass-produced and lacking in emphasis,  Eleven Twenty Seven  built the Erembald to solve this problem by using laser cutting technology to meet the needs and desires of the people. customer wants. Made entirely of stainless steel and with the removal of unnecessary details, the two-wheeler is decorated with patterns with rhythm and personality inspired by the cellular structure. What is very impressive is that the owner’s name can be engraved in the center of the car’s integrated key set. This flexible production method allows only a limited number of 50 cars to be created. Currently the product is manufactured in Bruges, Belgium. 





10. Visit the Cinelli factory and the Columbus factory in Milan





The image belongs to Designboom



Representing one of the most famous Italian bicycle brands, Cinelli has demonstrated passion, ingenuity and meticulously detailed construction with a whole made of art, style and style. and professional expertise. Their products – bicycles most notably – have been recognized worldwide for creating customer relationships based on excitement, combining engineering and art. It is this creative focus that has enabled them to forge partnerships with renowned designers such as Barry McGee, Keith Haring and Mike Giant, who have fostered this emotional bond for the future. Cinelli drivers become a close-knit community.

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