PIMP MY RIDE: THE BIKE VERSION for the upper class


Take a car, and a bike, and you’ll agree there are a few basic differences between them. Bikes don’t have windows, don’t have ACs, seatbelts… and so on. They also don’t have music systems. Until now.

In what may be the strangest upgrade bestowed upon the humble bicycle, the Noordung manages to mount a pair of speakers on the bicycle in a way that not just gives your ride a new experience, but also alters the way the bike looks. The Noordung bike uses a Vivax Assist motor to power it up, doubling as an e-bike… but on the outside, it doesn’t look much different from any bike you see. The speaker component fits snugly on the seat tube of the bike. Its shape resembles that of a motorcycle’s fuel tank, making the Noordung look less like a cycle and more like a motorized vehicle. The speaker unit is molded in a way that allows only the rider to hear the music. “Biking and music go hand in hand” say the people behind the Noordung and this little piece of innovation allows bikers to listen to their music without having to wear headphones, or blare omni-directional audio. The speaker unit (which also holds 32 Li-Ion batteries) can be detached and carried/used separately, because you never know when you’ll crave a tune!

Designer: Noordung










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