Jet-powered bike, super fast and dangerous

With a jet engine at the back of the car, a plumber’s bike named Norah is probably the fastest and most dangerous bike in the world.

(VTC News) – With a jet engine on the rear of the car, a plumber’s bike named Norah is probably the fastest and most dangerous bike in the world with a top speed of 80.5km/h.

The front end is designed like a regular bicycle with a frame, handlebars, and pedals. However, the frame is longer than a regular bike and the rear end is fitted with a jet engine. The lengthening of the chassis is to ensure the driver avoids the heat radiating from the jet engine.

jet bike
This bike called Norah has a jet engine on the back. Photo of Geoff Robinson 

The owner and inventor of the car is an English plumber named Colin Furze. He said it took four months to build the car before testing it at a local runway.

This car can reach a maximum speed of more than 85 km / h. 

The car is named Norah, after Colin’s girlfriend. Before releasing this extremely fast and equally dangerous bicycle, the 32-year-old inventor had 3 Guinness world titles with other inventions such as the world’s fastest scooter .

Last year, he launched a baby stroller with a speed of 85.2km/h powered by gas.

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